Pastor’s Preview for April 24, 2016

Hi Friends,

Last Sunday we looked again at Samuel’s calling story in 1 Samuel 3:1-11. We spent some time considering the fact that Eli, the priest, struggled to see because his eyes had grown weak. We saw that the author of the text likely used this line to describe both a physical loss of sight, but also as a metaphor as Eli had lost the ability to see God’s leading for the nation of Israel. We were then left asking the question – how is our eyesight? If you missed the message you can listen/watch it on our website –

This coming Sunday we’ll take a step further into this story as we look at the next several verses that focus on God’s call to Samuel (verses 4-10). If you have a moment, read the passage again and ask yourself how well do you hear God’s voice? When it comes to big life decisions about your job, your kids, your health, or your home – how well do you hear God’s voice? This week we’ll be looking at the challenge we face when we seek God’s vision for our lives or for our church, and yet we struggle to hear his call. I look forward to unpacking it with you.

A reminder too – you’re invited to join a group of us on Sunday before the morning worship service as we pray and seek God’s vision for us as a church. This week we’ll gather at 8:45am in the council room.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nate


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