Welcome to A Fuller Vision


Whether you stumbled upon us by accident or you are here with a purpose I want to welcome you to A Fuller Vision. This site is filled with reflections upon God’s call on our lives. Whether you call Fuller Ave. Church home or you are simply stopping by I’m glad you’re here.

Throughout this site you can find provoking thoughts, articles, and art that spur thinking about how God wants us to bring His Kingdom here. If you are connected with Fuller Ave. Church, I also invite you to join me as we reflect on how God calls us to increase the impact of our ministry.

Together we’ll dwell in His grace. Together we’ll be overwhelmed by His love. Together we’ll look forward with hope. So without droning on and on – welcome. It’s good to have you here.

*To read the most recent posts simply click on the Pastor’s Preview link above. The Pastor’s Preview can also be received as a weekly email updating you on what we’ll look at each Sunday at Fuller Ave. Church. Feel free to jump right in.

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