Pastor’s Preview for April 17, 2016

Hi Friends,

Spring is here! Finally the frozen pause on life is no more. As the grass greens and the flowers pop, I’m called back to our series on vision. Each year new life bursts into bloom and much like the newness of Spring you and I, together as the church, need to take some time to examine the vision we follow. Last Sunday we began by exploring how God’s Word roots any and all visions that come from the Lord. The Bible and ultimately Jesus are the primary sources of God’s special revelation to us. If you happened to miss the message you can always catch it on our website at

This coming Sunday we’ll move on in our passage from 1 Samuel 3:1-11 as we look at the importance of God’s lamp mentioned in verse 3. Today in our electrified homes we can take light for granted and yet more than 3,000 years ago light was a cherished possession. In leading up to Sunday, I encourage you to read the passage again and ask yourself what role this lamp might have played. And if you have the opportunity, take a moment one upcoming evening and spend some time in the dark. I look forward to unpacking this part of the text with you.

A couple of quick reminders, this week following our morning worship service you’re invited to join a number of us as we discuss our Book of the Quarter, Daring Greatly. We’ll be talking about chapters 3 and 4. You can find us in the choir room downstairs. Secondly, you’re also invited to come to a time of prayer for our Next Steps as a church. A group will gather in the Council room at 8:45am to pray and you are welcome to join.

Finally, this Sunday we’ll also celebrate the baptism Simeon and Andrea Rowland’s daughter Georgiana. I hope you can join us as we welcome her into the life of the church.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nate


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