Pastor’s Preview for August 28, 2016

Hi Friends,

This past week Sam, myself, and the kids had the opportunity to spend some time along the shores of Lake Michigan. As I stood along the water’s edge I was reminded of the sheer size of this world. Dwarfed by the wind and the waves, I was challenged to see how God has called each of us to serve him and his church in the small corner he has entrusted to us.

On Sunday we’ll celebrate that small corner as we spend some time commissioning many of us as key volunteers who help lead and serve in more than a dozen ministries throughout Fuller. Together we’ll gather before God and pledge our efforts. We’ll make a promise to work toward his kingdom come and to seek his will. The truth of the matter though is that too often we stand at the start of a ministry year and we are overwhelmed by the scope of the task before us. It feels as though we stand on the shores of a great lake and we’re struck by the smallness of our efforts. And yet we discover in scripture that God has chosen us, you and me, to work on his behalf in our little corner. God placed you at Fuller, on the corner of Fuller and Noble. God called you to serve him and his church and this Sunday we’ll celebrate his call and we’ll pray for our efforts.  As we come together we’ll turn too and hear from God from two passages from scripture – Matthew 7:15-20 & Psalm 1. If you have a minute give them a read.

One reminder – you’re invited to join us for a time of prayer prior to worship. Join us at 9am in the council room for a half an hour of prayer as we lift up the future of Fuller and seek God’s leading.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nate


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