Pastor’s Preview for August 14, 2016

Hi Friends,

How’s your backstroke?

For the nearly the last week many of us have been glued to the Olympics in Rio. We’ve watched the top athletes compete on the world’s biggest stage. We’ve seen villains fall and heroes rise. The competition, the drama, and the pageantry grab us. It really is amazing that for 17 days more than 11,000 athletes gather from 200+ nations in one place to celebrate the beauty of sport. What a gathering!

As I look towards this weekend I’m struck by the fact that on Sunday at 10am we will gather for worship and hold a different celebration. There likely won’t be thousands of us, but together we’ll come around a table set simply with the bread and the cup. Together we’ll remember Christ’s death and we’ll give thanks for His saving work. This week we’ll gather. We’ll come with our hurts and our joys. We’ll come together to remember and to celebrate. There won’t be a medal ceremony, but we will enjoy the Bread of Life.

This Sunday, too, we’ll be looking at the importance of the Lord’s Supper in our worship. Together we’ll examine Paul’s words to us from 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 and we’ll hear a word of challenge and a word of hope. Following God’s Word we’ll participate in that meal. A simple meal, yes, and yet a meal through which God gathers us into a new community. For in this meal He makes us a covenant people – a gathering greater than any Olympiad. I hope you’ll be able to join us.

One quick note before I sign off – a reminder that you are invited to join a small group who prays here at church on Sunday at 9:00am. Together we lift up the ministry and the future of Fuller. We’d love to have you.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nate


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