Pastor’s Preview for July 3, 2016

Hi Friends,

This past Sunday we looked at how God calls us to live out an ethic of Love. Too often we’re tempted to simply fall into one of two camps. We either want to follow all of the rules or none of the rules. We tend to be people who are either legalists or rebels. But as we saw in Galatians 5, Paul calls us to a higher way. He calls us to live out the greater commandment “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We discovered that when we do that we will find freedom as God’s children and we’ll fulfill the rest of the law as well. Just a reminder, if you happened to miss the message this past Sunday or any of our messages in our I Heart Worship series you can always find them at under the Media tab.

On Sunday we’ll look at another element we often find in our worship – the sacrament of Baptism. We’ll see how in our baptisms God introduces us to a richness of life that we were lacking. Whether you were baptized as a baby or as an adult believer or you’ve got questions about baptism come on out on Sunday as we dive deeper. I encourage you to read our passage ahead of time too – Colossians 2:6-15. I looking forward to unpacking it with you.

A quick reminder – we continue pray and ask God to show us the next steps he has for us as a church. You are welcome to join us in that prayer on Sunday at 9am in the room next to the church office.

Finally, I hope that this weekend provides a great opportunity to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy with friends and family. Keep safe and enjoy.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nate




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