Pastor’s Preview for July 10, 2016

Hi Friends,

I hope that you had a great 4th of July weekend. My family and I spent the time at home as we enjoyed the Hollyhock Parade outside our door, lit fireworks in the front yard, and got more and more ready to welcome our new baby girl in a little over a week.

Last Sunday we looked at Colossians 2:6-15 and saw how God promises to fill the emptiness we experience in life with true fullness that only comes from Jesus Christ. We saw too that our baptisms are the initiation rite we go through as we are welcomed, both infant and convert, into the family of God. If you happened to miss the message you can listen to or watch it online on our website –

This week we’ll consider that next step many of us take once we come to believe in Jesus. As we come to believe that He is our Lord and Savior we often share that news with others. We often profess our faith to each other. We testify to God’s work and His love in our lives. On Sunday we’ll look at how God gives us power and strength to testify to His goodness. Our text will be the story from Acts 4:5-22 and if you can read it before church on Sunday. Even better yet start reading back at the beginning of Acts 3 and you will get a richer understanding of the whole story.

A reminder – we’re in the middle of our Tuesday Family Nights. If you haven’t yet, come on out in the next few weeks and share a meal with a neighbor. This week we’ll welcome Crusader Martial Arts as our entertainment. I even hear we should have fried chicken…

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nate


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