Pastor’s Preview for September 25, 2016

Hi Friends,

How are you doing at remembering how God redeemed you?

Last Sunday we discovered that the first step toward living thankful and obedient lives – our first step to being holy as Peter calls us to – is to remember how God redeemed us from sin. God has enacted a cosmic buyback program that rescued us from a destiny in hell by the precious blood of Christ and as we saw last week remembering this truth is the initial spark that ignites our thankfulness and fans aflame our obedience. If you happened to miss the message you can catch up on our website –

This coming Sunday Pastor Morris will be preaching on 1 Peter 2:4-10. As we ask how we should live, we’ll unpack how we live as a chosen people. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Pastor Morris on Sunday.

A reminder too that this week we will hold a brief congregational meeting following the morning service to highlight some of the great work the Council has done this past summer. In the meeting we’ll hear more about the Next Steps church assessment we’ll be jumping into, we’ll hear about the hiring of two Calvin Seminary interns who will help us with some of our outreach and evangelism efforts, and we’ll hear about a new ministry launching this fall for boys in kindergarten through 5th grade. I hope you’ll join us to hear more about God is leading us towards these exciting opportunities.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nate


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