Pastor’s Preview for April 10, 2016

Hi Friends,

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Spring Break week, even if it feels more like February than early April. As a family we got away to Chicago for a few days of rest and fun. I’d like to thank Pastor Morris for leading us in worship this past Sunday as he examined the continued good news of Easter. If you happened to miss his message you can catch it on our website –

This coming Sunday we’ll be launching a new series entitled “Re:Vision”. Together we’ll spend the next six Sundays exploring how God has a unique, powerful, and attractive future for us. We often talk about capturing a picture of this future as discerning God’s vision for us. The great news is that God has a vision for your life and for mine. He has a vision for our life together as a church. Unfortunately, it gets a bit sticky when we try to discern God’s vision for our individual lives and the life of the church. Over the next 6 weeks we’ll walk through some of that stickiness as we dig deeply into the origin story of Samuel the prophet, as found in 1 Samuel 3, and discover how God communicates His vision to us.

If you’ve wrestled with your own personal life calling or if you’ve sat through meetings wondering about the future of an organization or even our own church this series is for you. My prayer is that through the next several weeks we’ll unpack how God shares the unique and attractive future He has both for us as individual people and as a church. I hope you can join us Sunday as we begin this journey together.

Just a reminder, you are invited to join me in a time of prayer on Sunday morning at 8:45 AM prior to our morning worship service. During this Next Steps prayer time we gather to lift up our current ministries and seek God’s leading as we begin exploring His vision for us as a community. We’ll meet in the council room.

One quick note, this Saturday at 3:00 PM we will hold the memorial service for Jeri Hoek as she passed away in a tragic accident on March 5th.  As we anticipate this time of both celebration and sadness, I ask that you join me in lifting up Doug, the rest of the family, and the community here at Fuller as we continue to wrestle with this loss.

I look forward to seeing you this weekend.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nate


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