Pastor’s Preview for Easter Sunday – March 27, 2016

Hi Friends,

Last night we gathered for worship to remember Jesus’ last week with his disciples. Together we journeyed from Palm Sunday to the cross of Good Friday. In all of this we look forward to Easter Sunday and yet today and tomorrow we find ourselves in the days in between. These are days that rest in the shadow of the cross.

As Christians, as people of the resurrection, we like to fast forward through these days and we like to get to Easter Morning. We like wash over the darkness of cross and the tomb. However, it is important that we spend some time in darkness before we arrive at the light. The hard truth is that much of our world is in this darkness. Whether it’s our politics at home or terror attacks abroad our whole world knows the darkness of Good Friday and we all yearn for the hope of Easter morning. But instead of running ahead we must recognize our need to acknowledge the cross. Fleming Rutledge says it well in a recent interview with Christianity Today, “If you just have the Resurrection, then you have no sense of anything being defeated. You have no sense of Jesus having taken anything on. In the Crucifixion, Jesus has taken on everything satanic, everything evil, everything demonic, everything sinful, everything wrong. In the Resurrection we see that he has been vindicated and that his victory is complete.”

Friends, only by going through the valley of the shadow of death on Good Friday can we truly grasp the amazing news of Easter Sunday. So over the next couple of days I encourage you to feel uncomfortable with the darkness. And then on Sunday I hope you will join with all of us in saying, “Alleluia! He is Risen!”

This Sunday we’ll wrap up our series on The Kingdom of God as we hear the last words from Mark 16:1-8. We’ll look at God’s call to us following the great news of Easter. As you look forward to worship I encourage you to invite someone to join us here at Fuller – remember more than 60% of your neighbors have no meaningful connection with a local church. This Easter holds the possibility for that to change with someone you know. Join us as we proclaim the good news that Jesus is alive!

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nate


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