Pastor’s Preview for December 20, 2015

Hi Friends,

“How have you experienced joy today?”

That’s a question Sam and I try to ask our boys and each other. How have I experienced joy? Note what isn’t being asked. We aren’t asking if we were happy. We aren’t settling for a cheap laugh. No the question is about joy – deep, meaningful, connective joy.

This past Sunday we talked about how God calls each of us to joy. Regardless of our situation, whether we are coasting through life or facing challenge after challenge, God calls us to be joyful. This is a powerful call for many of us around the Christmas season.

If you happened to miss the message you can either listen to it or watch it at Also, some have asked about the video that was shown near the end of the message if you’re interested you can watch it here – spoiler alert – don’t watch it until you’ve heard to the message.

On Sunday we’ll hear from another prophet as we look at Micah 5:1-6. We’ll wrestle with how we find peace in our hectic lives. As you look toward Sunday I encourage you to think about what keeps you from experiencing peace. What gets in the way of peace in your life? Together we’ll be invited to find peace as we lead up to celebrating Christmas. I look forward to unpacking that text together.

Finally, before I sign off, I want to challenge you with something. This Christmas season is a great opportunity to invite someone new to church. Over the next few days will you spend some time praying about who you could invite to church this Christmas? Recent research shows that 40% of our neighbors, family, and friends do not plan on attending church this Christmas. But of those folks more than half (57%) of them would come if they were invited by someone they knew. So the question begs to be asked, who might be waiting for your invitation this year?

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nate


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