Pastor’s Preview for December 13, 2015

Hi Friends,

Take a moment and think about the last time you had a good hard laugh. I’m talking about the kind of laugh where your eyes tear up and your sides ache – an uncontrollable laugh. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. It propels you past present pains and gives you momentary relief from the struggles of the every day. This kind of laughter opens us up to true joy.

This Sunday we’ll be looking at how God calls us to a deep, life-filling joy. Together we’ll look at Zephaniah 3:14-20 and examine how God designs us to live in His joy. I’m looking forward to walking with you through this uplifting text.

This week we are also very happy to announce that Fuller’s new website is up and running. Along with the Technology Committee, Pam Slotsema, our Social Media and Web Assistant, has spent hours designing and resourcing the site. I encourage you to visit the site – – and spend some time becoming familiar with it.

As we live in the digital age of smart phones, tablets, and Wi-Fi our website is more and more the first place where we have the opportunity to make a good impression with a guest or a neighbor. So spend a moment clicking through the various tabs. Check out the ministry highlights. You can even catch the latest sermons both in audio and video. Continued improvements are planned as we strive to make as dynamic and informative as possible.

Our hope is that our increased web presence will aid us in helping people take their next step toward a life changing relationship with Jesus. So in that effort – share the site. Invite people to take a look at it via Facebook. If you stumble upon someone looking to connect with a local church point them to our website and bring them to church on a Sunday morning.  May this new site be another avenue God uses to share His Gospel and build His Kingdom.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nate


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