Pastor’s Preview for Sunday November 8, 2015

Hi Friends,

What are your habits? Stop and think a moment about how you get ready for the day. Do you have a discernable pattern? The truth is that most of our lives are built upon habits. Even those practices that seem random are often founded upon a habit or a practice that we’ve established. Whether it’s the routes we drive, the fact that we put on our socks before or after we put on our pants, or how we butter our bread – we all have habits.

This Sunday we’ll be looking at a habit the Israelites developed; a habit that God wasn’t all too happy about. We will then ask some questions about how our habits limit how we truly engage our contexts. Together we’ll explore how our habits can restrict our ability to actively connect with those around us. If you’d like to read ahead, I invite you to look at our passage found in Isaiah 58:1-12.

A reminder: We’ve begun to build up our Mt. of Mercy in the sanctuary and you’re invited to bring non-perishable food over the next couple of weeks as we work to fill out the 50+ Thanksgiving baskets we’ll hand out to needy homes in our neighborhood. Giving back is one way to give thanks this holiday season.

Also, we are excited to move forward with a new church directory yet this fall. It will be a great opportunity to get those coveted Christmas pictures and help build community here at church. More details will be available soon, but for now mark your calendar to sign up for a sitting December 3rd, 4th or 5th.  We should have all the details to you next week.

I’m looking forward to seeing you Sunday.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nate


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