Pastor’s Preview for September 20, 2015

Hi Friends,

Last Sunday we kicked off our three week celebration of our 90th anniversary by looking at how God’s faithfulness empowers us to take risks. 90 years ago a group of people took a risk and started a small church that eventually developed into Fuller and its ministries today. We can take steps into the unknown with courage because God is faithful and constant. Regardless of what happens He will always be with us.

If you happened to miss the message you can listen to it yet on our website at This past Sunday we also saw a short video interview with Dorothy Ibershof, Fuller’s lone remaining founding member – if you’d like to watch it again or for the first time it is available on YouTube by simply clicking here.

This coming Sunday we’ll continue the celebration as we look at how God is present in our current ministries. We’ll look at the passage from the Bible from Ruth 1:3-22. As you look toward Sunday, think a bit about how walks with us in unseen and often surprising ways. I look forward to unpacking this text with you.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Fuller’s 90th birthday bash on Saturday, Sept. 26th from 3-6pm. We’re throwing a county fair themed party with everything from ponies, to pie judging, to a photo booth. Come ready to eat too as we’ll have pulled pork, chicken, and hotdogs. You can still sign up at the Ministry Center on Sunday or by emailing Marci at

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nate


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