Pastor’s Preview for September 13, 2015

Hi Friends,

What’s in a name? We all have names we go by. Some of us grew up with a nickname. Some of us were given a family name that we inherited from generations. Some of have been called every name in the book – most of them unfit for print. The truth is that sometimes a name is used to define or describe.

This Sunday we are beginning a three week celebration of Fuller’s 90th birthday as a church. Back in 1925, 43 voting members established a congregation on the South East side of Grand Rapids. Initially, that group of believers were called “The 18th Christian Reformed Church of Grand Rapids.” Quiet a name. But it wasn’t until they settled on some land on the northwest corner of Fuller and Noble that they eventually became Fuller Avenue.

Now, 90 years later we continue to lay claim to that name. We are Fuller Avenue Christian Reformed Church. We are a church committed to our neighborhood. We value worship, faith formation, community, and outreach. Together we work to help people take their next step toward a life-changing relationship with Jesus. This is who we’ve become, and this is who we strive to be.

This Sunday we’re going to spend some time looking at how God has been faithful to us as a church. Together we’ll look at Exodus 3:11-20 and hear how God promised to be faithful to His people and to us today.

As you look toward Sunday, spend some time thinking about who Fuller has been for you? What is your earliest memory of the church? Is there a powerful moment in your past where you saw God at work through Fuller?

On Sunday we’ll look back at our past and celebrate God’s faithfulness, but our past is only one part of our story. The following two Sundays we’ll celebrate our present ministries and the hope and promises God has for us in the future as well.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday and celebrating with you.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nate



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